Privacy policy


With the development of new communication tools, protection of privacy requires special attention. We therefore are committed to fully respecting the confidentiality of the personal information we collect.

Collection of personal information

We collect the following information:
• Surname
• Given name
• Mailing address
• Postal code
• Email address
• Telephone / fax number
• Gender

We use the information collected for the following purposes:

• Newsletter information
• Contact
• Member management (presentation, organization)

Your information is also collected through our website:

• Statistics
• Contact
• Member management (presentation, organization)


The personal information we collect is stored in a secure environment. The people who work for us are required to respect the confidentiality of your information.

To ensure the security of your personal information, we use the following measures:

• SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol;
• Computer backup

We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by incorporating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, since no mechanism provides maximum security, some risk is always present when using the Internet to send personal information.


We are committed to compliance with the legislative provisions stipulated in:
Quebec, Canada